July 18, 2024

Hudhud in Aliguyon (Buod ng Epiko ng Ifugao)

“Hudhud” is an epic poem of the Ifugao people of the Philippines. The poem tells the story of Aliguyon, a warrior and hero of the Ifugao people.

The story begins with the birth of Aliguyon. His father, Pumbakhayon, was the leader of the Ifugao tribe. One day, while Pumbakhayon was out hunting, he saw a beautiful woman bathing in a river. Her name was Bugan, and she was the daughter of a neighboring tribe’s leader. Pumbakhayon fell in love with Bugan and they got married.

Aliguyon was born from their union and was raised to be a great warrior. As he grew older, he learned about the ways of war and hunting from his father. Aliguyon was also known for his intelligence and his ability to recite the “hudhud” (a type of Ifugao epic poetry).

One day, Aliguyon went on a hunting trip with his father and some other warriors. While they were out in the forest, they came across a group of warriors from another tribe. The two groups of warriors engaged in battle, and Aliguyon proved himself to be a skilled fighter. The other tribe’s leader, named Pamacalan, was impressed by Aliguyon and invited him to a feast.

At the feast, Aliguyon met Pamacalan’s daughter, Saridandan, and fell in love with her. However, Saridandan was not interested in Aliguyon, and he was heartbroken. Aliguyon challenged Pamacalan to a duel to win Saridandan’s hand in marriage. Pamacalan accepted the challenge, and the two warriors fought fiercely. In the end, Aliguyon emerged victorious, and he and Saridandan were married.

The rest of the poem tells of Aliguyon’s many battles and adventures, including his encounters with supernatural beings and his quest to avenge his father’s death. Aliguyon is portrayed as a brave and intelligent warrior who is loyal to his people and determined to protect his tribe from harm.

The “Hudhud” is an important part of the cultural heritage of the Ifugao people, and it is still recited by the elders of the tribe today.

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